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Experience the difference BRite provides.  A used car leasing program with extras! Learn more below or apply now!

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1. Pick A Great Car!

Select a great car from any one of our CARite locations throughout the United States. We  have tons of low mileage late model options at our stores!

2. Enjoy A No-Hassle Approval

Your approval is guaranteed regardless of your credit history. How? Simply because it is based on the value of the car you select, not your credit history!

3. Drive With Peace of Mind!

First perk? A better car.  Leasing means you aren’t financing the FULL value of the vehicle. This means more car for less money . . . And you can still buy at the end of the term! Plus...

The BRite Perks

A Great Way To Drive With Peace of Mind!

Job Loss Protection

In an uncertain economy, who wants to have a hefty monthly payment hanging over your head for up to five years? BRite Financing comes with free Job Loss Protection, allowing you to return the car immediately, with no hit to your credit, if you happen to lose your job.

Car Exchange Privilege

BRite Financing customers who make, twelve months of on-time payments, can trade up or down for an affordable change fee any time * – adjusting your monthly expenses to match a changing budget, or adjusting your vehicle choice to accommodate your needs.

Trade-In Value Guarantee

Want some guarantee your car will still have value when all your payments are complete? Of course you do! We'll tell you now what the future value of your vehicle will be after your payments are complete – in writing. That's true peace of mind!

A little more about BRite!

  • Compassionate People

    The people who work at BRite are simply . . . nice. That’s because we hire team members who are driven to help!

  • Revolutionary Flexibility

    The benefits that come with BRite help our leasing product stand out against the competition!

  • One-Stop-Shopping With CARite

    Leasing your car with BRite makes everything easy for when you are ready to get another car through CARite!

Great Product Benefits
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what BRite Customers say

Ms. Avery / Customer of BRite and CARite

I must say every time I had to call to make arrangement with BRite Financial I have only received the best customer service. The representative are polite and courteous, and very understanding when I have a difficult time make a payment!

Natosha / Customer of BRite and CARite

I appreciate how you have worked with me SEVERAL times throughout this process.  This is my first time purchasing a vehicle on my own, and you made hard times not so hard, and for that I appreciate you!